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1:1 Devices FAQs

Please see below FAQs about the 1:1 devices programme. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in these FAQs, please contact us directly on 01944 419311 or by emailing

Why are devices being made available free of charge?

As schools begin to emerge from the pandemic, we are focused on ensuring resources are available to facilitate the strongest possible education catch-up and recovery programme, to provide our students with every opportunity to succeed.

As part of this, and because we know the significant impact the 1:1 devices programme has already made on learning and development, we are making the devices free for students in Years 7 to 10 as part of the curriculum, and reimbursing parents who have already contributed. 

We are aware of the increasingly challenging financial situation facing families. Due to the priority we are placing on investing in sustainability and digital technology, we are delighted to be able to support families and provide the devices for free to help students unlock their academic and personal potential.

We are extremely pleased with the impact and success of the initial stages of the programme and are looking forward to continuing to transform learning opportunities for our students.

What impact has digital learning had on teaching and learning?

We strongly believe digital learning is integral to providing students with the best opportunity to maximise their learning and progress. We are delighted to take this next step, to ensure digital learning continues to play a fundamental part in each student’s development.

Introducing 1:1 devices into our curriculum has transformed the way we teach, and how our students learn. We have seen how using digital resources continues to increase student engagement and inspire creativity.

The 1:1 devices programme has: 

  • Improved students’ maths, english and communication skills
  • Developed essential digital skills required for students’ future careers
  • Brought topics and knowledge to life in visual and creative ways
  • Made learning more engaging and relevant to students by teaching using media and technology they are familiar with
  • Enhanced marking, assessment and feedback for students

What device will my child be using?

All students will use an iPad. This device is fully compatible with our school systems, has access to essential apps and learning resources for teaching and learning, and is covered by a bespoke, internal warranty and insurance plan.

Lessons are planned on the basis that each student has the same device and students can use their device at school and at home.

How do I receive a repayment?

If you made an upfront purchase or monthly contributions

You don’t need to do anything. Any payments made to date will be automatically returned to your account and your direct debit will be cancelled. 

Please note that if you receive a repayment, you will have to return the device at the end of the programme or if your child leaves our school.

If your child brings their own device

We will contact you directly to arrange repayment for any setup costs you may have paid.

When will I receive a repayment?

Repayments will be processed from Monday 25th April and be in your account within 30 days of this date.

Do I have to receive a repayment?

No. You can choose to continue with your current arrangement and keep the device at the end of the programme. 

If you want to continue with your current arrangement, please email by Friday 22nd April. In your email, please include the following information: order number, your child's name, your name and postcode.

My child brings their own device to school, what do they need to do?

We will contact you to arrange for a device to be provided with our school software already installed. We will then arrange for repayment of any setup costs you may have paid and for your current device to be restored to factory settings and returned to you for personal use.

My child loans a device from school, what do they need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. Your child will continue to use their current device, and we will contact you after the Easter holiday to make arrangements for taking the device home from Monday 6th June onwards.

Will my child be able to use their device in school and at home?

Yes. Every child will be able to take their device home with them so that they can use it to enhance their home learning. 

Students are responsible for ensuring that their device is fully charged overnight and is ready for the beginning of each school day. 

Devices that are currently being loaned will be able to be taken home from 6th June.

Can my child use the device during the school holidays?

Yes. Your child can take their device home with them to use during the school holidays.

During the holidays, students will be able to continue to use the device for learning. In addition, certain usage restrictions will be removed during holidays so that devices can be used more flexibly. However, the lifting of some restrictions will be age dependent and based upon the strictest safeguarding mechanisms. Further information will be shared about this in due course.    

Does my child get to keep the device at the end of the programme?

If you receive repayment or your child currently loans their device, then you will need to return the device by the end of the programme or when your child leaves our school.

If you do not receive repayment and would like to continue with your current parental contribution arrangement, then your child can keep their device at the end of the programme. 

When will I need to return the device?

Devices will need to be returned to us at the end of your child’s time at our school. This is at the end of Year 11. If your child leaves our school before this time, they will need to return the device.

Will insurance, safeguarding software and apps be included on the device?

Yes, all existing software and apps that are required for the 1:1 devices programme will be included on the device. 

What happens if my child’s device is lost or damaged?

Students are responsible for looking after their device. If there is negligent loss or damage then parents/carers will be expected to contribute to the cost of repairing or replacing the device. 

What happens if my child’s device is stolen?

If your child‘s device is stolen it must be reported as stolen immediately by emailing the IT service desk or phoning 01922 419311 during 8am - 4pm. The device will then be put into Lost or Stolen mode. 

When this mode is activated, the device will be locked which will prevent it from being used. The device will also beep continuously showing its location. When this mode is activated then the last known location of the device becomes available to the IT team. This location will continue to update if the iPad is moved. This will help us to find your child's device. 

If the device was stolen when away from school, then you are asked to also report the theft to the police and provide the crime number to the school and the IT service desk. The IT service desk will provide location information obtained from the device lost or stolen mode to the police. If the device is unable to be retrieved, then we will use this crime number to make a claim for a replacement device under the insurance policy.