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Y7 ipads

Why will Mason's teachers get a break?

22nd September 2022

On Thursday 15th September, Year 7 students at GWA received a very special gift; a brand new iPad! The ‘Unboxing’ event took place during the afternoon session of the school day and lasted the whole of the afternoon. Students were given their iPads on arrival to their form rooms while a countdown was ticking away on the big screens. As the timer got to zero, a bell rang out and students excitedly opened their new devices. 

Their faces said it all! For a lot of students this was a brand new experience. 

We set about getting all of the iPads up and running and students worked with their tutors to log in their details and get set up.

The rest of the afternoon was all about getting to grips with the devices and having some fun! They took photos and learnt to airdrop to a friend, they played treasure hunt using QR codes and got to play with some of the apps that they will be using in lessons. 

It was ANOTHER fantastic unboxing experience - Year 7 now joins the rest of our learners at Great Wyrley Academy in enhancing their learning through the use of Digital Technology!

Y7 ipads 2

Student messages


Layla Spink


I love my iPad! It will help me with all of my classes and I loved the moment when we all unboxed it. It was so fun. Thank you for letting us have them, they are amazing!

Post by Olly Delaney

Olly Delaney


Unboxing My I Pad On Thursday was great because I think it will make my learning better. They’re also Great For Homework


Post by Mason Cahill

Mason Cahill


I love my iPad because I think it will make my learning easier because I get to research stuff I’m not sure of and it gives my teacher a break from all my questions!


Post by Thomas Kendrick

Thomas Kendrick


The iPads are great. I feel so much more engrossed in the learning. A great way to learn without the hassle of exercise books


Post by Charlie French

Charlie French

I really enjoy my iPad because it makes lessons so much easier and fun.

What do our parents think? 

Dear Mr Moreton

 I would just like to say a massive thank you on behalf of myself  ( Jonathon's mom ) and of course Jonathan in year 7y for the i pad. It is wonderful and makes learning a lot easier its the style that Jonathan learns the best.  Thank you very much!