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attendance at great wyrley academy


Our minimum expected attendance is 97%. The table below shows the impact of attendance below this level.

Attendance %

Days absent over a school year

Minutes late every day

Days of education lost per year













How we manage attendance

Marked as absent without reason

A text will be sent home, please respond via text with a reason for the absence as a matter of urgency so that we know that your child is safe.

Marked as absent with a reason

If your child is to be absent for three days or more (or where we have concerns for the child’s attendance) we will require a medical certificate from your GP or a stamped Great Wyrley Academy Medical Card stating your child is too ill to attend school. Medical cards can be obtained from the Attendance office.

Routine medical and dental appointments

  • Medical appointments will affect your child’s attendance percentage if taken during school hours
  • Appointments should be made outside of school hours
  • For unavoidable appointments to be authorised, a written note signed by a parent/carer together with an appointment card/letter will be required
  • Students should only be out of school for the minimum amount of time necessary for the appointment, a full day’s absence will not normally be authorised


  • A late mark (L) will be applied to students who arrive in a morning after 8.40am but before registration finishes at 9.00am or after 1.30pm for the afternoon session
  • Students arriving after 9.00am, without a valid reason supplied by parents/carers (preferably in writing), will receive an unauthorised absence mark. They must sign in at the Attendance Office
  • All students arriving late will issued a 20 minute detention at lunch time

Leave of absence

  • Any leave of absence, including funerals, religious observance and sporting fixtures must be applied for by the parent/carer with whom the student normally resides on a Leave of Absence Form as far in advance as possible, for consideration by the headteacher.
  • In accordance with the local authority guidance the governing body will not consider authorisation of any leave of absence in the following periods of time or circumstances:
    • During the first half term of a new academic year
    • When the leave of absence would occur 2 weeks prior to or during internal examinations/assessments
    • If in granting the request, the pupils attendance would fall below 98%
    • Any Year 11 student

The above applies to all students, including those in sixth form. If a student has to leave the site for any reason, a note must be brought into school from their parent/carer, signed and dated by their form tutor, before signing out with the note at Reception. Students must not leave the premises without the permission of the school.

How to Report a Student Absence

If your child is too unwell to attend school please call the Pupil Absence Line on 01922 419311 ext 102. You must call before 9am on each morning that your child is absent.

The Attendance Office is open from 8am each morning. Before this time you will be able to leave a voicemail on the Pupil Absence Line answer machine. You will need to give clear details of your child’s name, tutor group, the date and the reason for their absence.

You can also inform us of your child's absence by email at You will need to give clear details of your child’s name, tutor group, the date and reason for their absence.