Great Wyrley Academy, Hall Lane, Great Wyrley, WS6 6LQ
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great wyrley academy house system

House System

We have four Houses: Austen, Bronte, Shakespeare and Tolkien. Each House has identifiable colours and students in a particular House wear a tie, which reflects the House colour. A Head of House leads individual Houses.

Students meet with their tutor every morning. The Form Tutor is a key member of staff and is responsible for establishing a happy, secure and supportive relationship with his/her tutor group. Students in turn feel secure in having someone to whom they can look to for support and guidance.

House Activities

The House system provides students with the opportunity to participate collectively in a wide range of activities. We are able to offer students a whole range of competitions, which include sport, quizzes, bake-off and many more. The programme of events is ever changing, catering for the varied interests of our students. It has proved to be a valuable addition to our extra-curricular programme of events.

All house points gained from competitions will count towards the house totals to see which house is crowned champions. Throughout the school year, we take the opportunity to celebrate the many successes and triumphs of our students. We celebrate this in House assemblies, via the monthly “Newsletter” and by participating and supporting various activities.