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Great Wyrley Triumphs in Warwick University 'Design and Make' Challenge

20th July 2023

It was an exhilarating day of learning, innovation and competition as four of our Year 13 Engineering students, Jake Edwards, Kieran Southall, Jenson Wise-Hues and Daniel Savage took part in Warwick University's 'Design and Make' Challenge. The team from Great Wyrley, competed against 15 other schools from across the Midlands, demonstrating impressive engineering acumen, teamwork and resilience, and ultimately emerging victorious.

The students were tasked with designing and creating a projectile that could be propelled using high pressured air. The young engineers demonstrated their creative thinking and technical expertise by developing three different concept designs - a large, traditional aircraft model, a rocket-like projectile, and an intriguing hybrid of the two.

Throughout the day, the team members communicated effectively, sharing ideas, making alterations based on feedback, and conducting rigorous testing within the tight 5-minute slots allotted to them. Despite the pressure, they showed their mettle, overcoming the challenges thrown at them and learning from each iteration of their designs.

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As the day progressed to the much-anticipated race, Great Wyrley was 14th in line. The tension was palpable as our team watched each school take their turn, with varying degrees of success. Jake Edwards, representing our school, presented their final design, the rocket-glider hybrid. After a moment of tension-filled countdown, the projectile was released with a resounding bang, soaring high and straight, crossing the finish line with ease and smashing into the end wall - a clear winner by a significant margin.

Mr Cooper beamed: The four young engineers from Great Wyrley and Aspire 6th form made us all immensely proud, not just for clinching the top position, but also for their commendable teamwork, resilience, and representation of the school. As their teacher, I am delighted and incredibly proud of their achievement.

Apart from the glory and prestige of the first position, the students were also awarded a 3D printer, an exceptional resource that will benefit all our Art Design and Technology students and enrich their learning experience.

Great Wyrley Academy Headteacher Kelly Moore was overjoyed with the results, stating, "Our students have shown exceptional skills and the type of innovative thinking that we foster at Great Wyrley. They've demonstrated their hard work, resilience, and creativity, proving to be excellent role models for future engineering students."

You can catch a glimpse of the day's event on Midlands Today here. Skip to 11 minutes in to see Jake and Mr. Cooper share their thoughts on the importance of engineering education and their experience in the challenge. You can also view the clip below where we have cut straight to the segment:


Congratulations once again to our victorious engineering team - Jake, Kieran, Jenson, and Daniel. We are incredibly proud of you and excited to see where your skills and innovation will lead you next.

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